Small Commericial Used DIY Biscuit Enrober Black White Chocolate Coating Enrobing Machine

Function: enrobing the cookis, biscuit, candy, fruit, waffle cake and others.
Descrition:DIY biscuit enrober machine is widely used in Chocolate DIY shop and family workshop.

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Small commericial used DIY biscuit enrober black white chocolate coating enrobing machine

Introduction for chocolate coating enrobing machine:

DIY biscuit enrober machine is a small model chocolate coating enrobing machine, widely used for eorobing biscuit, cookies,candy, fruit and others.

The chocolate enrobing machine can enrobe white and black chocolate into the bottom side, up side,and full side of product.

The small biscuit enrober includes 6 parts:

1,Chocolate tempering molding machine

2,Molding hopper(depend on different enrobing the demand)

3,Stainless steel screen belt

4,Hot fan( for blowing away extra chocolate to get smooth surface)

5,Cooling belt(length can be customized)

6,Cooling fan