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A Brief Introduction To Potato Chip Machine
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Potato chip machine can produce tomatoes, cucumbers, barbecue, onion incense, salt and pepper, curry, spicy, seafood, chocolate, milk, cinnamon, fruit, celery, etc. more than 30 kinds of potato chips sold on the market, the machine using potatoes (potatoes) after washing peeling machine to wash potatoes peeled, sliced, drain, electric fried, lek oil, seasoning, nitrogen-filled packaging process models production of potato chips.

Potato chip machine process: cleaning peeled section forming drain frying lek oil seasoning filling nitrogen packing

Potato chip machine is not a single machine, but includes the division of its ability to make up the extension includes: cleaning peeling machine, slicing machine, drain machine, electric explosion machine, drain machine, seasoning machine and nitrogen-filled sealing unit into!