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Basic Functions Of Extruder
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Expanding machine is widely used in the fields of feed, food and industry, based on the Puffing machine (dry method, wet method, single screw or twin screw), we introduce one or a group of functions in the process of puffing, these functions are:

Condensation: In the process of expansion, food or feed materials can be tightly combined and condensed into discrete small pieces.

Degassing: A bubble-containing food or feed material will be removed during the expansion process.

Dehydration: In the general food or feed expansion process, water content on the original basis will lose 4%-7%.

Expansion: The operating conditions and configuration of the extruder can control the hydrophobic density (such as sink or float) of pet feed and aquatic feed.

Gelation: Extruded cooking can be used to paste starch (from various sources, such as tubers or grains) during the processing of food or pet feeds.

Abrasive: In the process of food or feed processing, raw materials can be milled to a certain extent in the extruder.

Homogenization: The homogenization of an extruder changes the structure of an unattractive material to become a more acceptable form.

Mixing action: In the process of expansion, various kinds of extruder have a variety of screw to choose from, which can make the extruder to produce the desired mixture.

Pasteur sterilization and sterilization: in the process of food or feed extrusion processing, the raw materials can be used for pasteurization sterilization or sterilization.