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Main Features Of Extruder
- Jun 14, 2017 -

1. The model design is novel, the structure is compact, the production efficiency is high.

2. Reliable work, rugged, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance.

3. Easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise.

4. The main components are made of special alloy materials by heat treatment, long service life and low production cost.

5. Dry-process Puffing technology, the use of heat, no steam system.

6. Screw design has a strong self-cleaning function, screw screw groove can purify itself, so change the formula and product varieties, no parking cleaning, screw has a strong pumping function, material diffusion for 1 with strong, fast speed, product quality is relatively stable.

7. The screw discharging mouth adopts the Module 5 type design, the adjustment is convenient, the price is cheap.

8. Can be equipped with automatic feeding System 3, feeder for the world's most new type of switched reluctance motor control of the horizontal transmission spiral, the other end with the expansion of the extruder, can adjust the feed volume to control 6 production of puffed (quantitative feed, and can effectively prevent material arch).

9. Cutting system, independent cutting 9 cutting device and body connection is convenient, fast, variable speed cutting tool head, can easily adjust the cutter, can easily adjust the gap between the cutter and the template, according to the need to prepare a different 9 template, to ensure that the required material diameter and length, the production of different specifications and material shape of the product.

10. The processing of floating feed does not need to stick 3 mixture, can be maintained in water for more than 2 hours stability.

11. Machinable S-20 mm 8 round product (template as required).

12. The spindle is a composite structure, 6 can be used to expand the shaft to adapt to different raw materials extrusion processing.

13. Small and medium sized equipment is especially suitable for 8 in scientific research institutions, special farms or small and medium sized feed plants.

14. Dry-Wet dual-use, in a single screw 7 expansion equipment in 30KW above can be added to the quality control device wet method, and both dry and wet dual-use capacity.