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The Food Machinery Industry Should Be Made Into A Specialized And Refined Product
- Jun 14, 2017 -

After years of development and more and more developed information, through market research and comparison, enterprises want to win in the market competition, we must quickly get rid of the low grade product repeat imitation and low price disorderly vicious competition cycle, more can not be in the product variety of greedy big, but should pay attention to independent innovation, adhere to the road of quality strategy, to achieve "less and special, specialized and refined, refined and new, new and excellent." Dive down to the core of several varieties of technology innovation, improve technology, enhance performance, improve quality, strengthen internal management.

From years of development experience summed up, in the past, China's food machinery industry knowledge of simple manufacturing processing, not much of their own products, just a repetitive manufacturing, in this state, want to close the industry high-end industry is not realistic. Therefore, the necessary changes must be made, in the product, should strive to play the advantages of the enterprise itself, to create a home, have a technical content of products, and to do fine, bigger, stronger, do fine, relying on this spirit, to develop the enterprise, and gradually based on the high-end industry.

Today's food machinery market area, high-paying technology products will continue to occupy the market, these products in all aspects are superior to traditional products, regardless of efficiency, energy conservation, resource utilization and other aspects, have occupied a great advantage. It can be foreseen that in the future of the food machinery market, will be the world of such products. Domestic food machinery industry in this form, there should be a clear judgment, can not be as China as before, but should be turned to technology can be developed, to a single-minded spirit to do their own advantages of products, thus occupying this category of high-end market products.