Commercial Automatic French Fries Potato Fries Chips Strips Cutter Slicer Machine

Function:cutting whole potato into different thickness chips and slice
Description:potato chips clier cutter is made of stainless steel,chips thickness can be adjusted according to demand. It is an important machine in the potato chips process line.

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Commercial automatic french fries potato fries chips strips cutter slicer machine

Introduction for french fries chips cutter slicer machine:

The cutters are all centrifugal,used to cut potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, mustard, leaf mustard and taros into strips and slices also used in the processing procedures before the frying, drying and freezing of fries and chips and in deep processing procedures of vegetables.

They are the ideal equipment for pickle factories, restaurants, dining halls and snack food factories.

Advantages of french fries chips cutter slicer machine:

(1).Widely used in making superior quality chips of vegetable, which is the exclusive equipment in vegetable processing industry for producing fresh or dehydrated vegetable. It is also perfect machinery for processing high quality potato chips in the fast food industry.

(2). During processing, the material is transferred by guide chute on the rotary drive plate, and slices up by small cutter distributed obliquely and arched big incline cutter.

(3). The machine is high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation, and can produce vegetable chips with high section quality.

(4). All machinery parts contacted with the vegetable are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which reach the requirements for hygiene standards of food processing machinery.

(5). Potato materials put in charging bucket rotate along the shell with the help of the guide chute distributed on the rotary drive plate, and slice into chips by the cutters installed on the shell. At last, the chips are transported to the discharging parts.

Main parameter of french fries chips cutter slicer machine:










Chips cutting machine

Final product from french fries chips cutter slicer machine:

potato chips cutter.jpgpotato chips cutter machine.png