Multi-function Full Automatic Corn Flakes Puffed Corn Rice Wheat Snacks Extruder Making Machine

Multi-function Full Automatic Corn Flakes Puffed Corn Rice Wheat Snacks Extruder Making Machine

Function: puffing wheat, rice, corn and other grains. Description:corn rice wheat snacks extruder machine is a kind of snack machine, with a wide raw material scope.

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Multi-function full automatic corn flakes Puffed corn rice wheat snacks extruder making machine

Introduction of corn rice wheat snacks extruder machine: 

Corn flakes is a kind of crisp food, used grain flour as the basic raw material, by the processing line it is processed to Flakes-instant food which is pressed by particle. The outstanding feature is that it is rich in composite carbon compounds and dietary fiber. At  the same time, corn flakes can not only strengthen much trace element, such as vitamins and minerals,but also add cocoa and sugar,such as honey,maltose, etc. After adding the corn flakes into coffee,milk,yogurt,or functional drinks, we can directly eat it.

Children can also eat it as sweet and brittle leisure snack food.

Work flow of the corn flakes and cereal processing line:


1.Name: Double screw extruder



By means of designing different  structures and slenderness ratios according to needs of products,double screw extruding system can meet different technology demands.


2. Flaking Machine

Name: Tablet machine

1. After heating treatment ,the alloy steel roller surface is bearable corruptible and sticky. 

2. Adjustable distance and speed of two rollers make different thickness and capacities.


3.Drying Machine

Name:Electrical dryer


It is used for drying the corn flakes.The net belt running speed can be controlled to change the food drying time in the dryer.


4.Conveyor Name:Hoist


Hoist conveys the food from the low to high, according to the craft; decide the hoist height and the level distance.Hoist can be classified into big and small according to the hoist height and the level distance.


5. Flavoring Line

Name:Double roller flavoring machine


The stainless steel flavor feeder is used to spray powder flavor to the drum .We can control the spraying quantity via the different speed which controlled by the soft start.


6. Name:Cooling conveyor


There are 5 fans which can make the food be cool avoiding sticking together and be suitable for packing .The total length of the conveyor is 5 meters.It is full set stainless steel .The height of the hoist can be adjusted based on the requirement.